Поршень КМЗ 17-03-27-Р1-II на ремонтный двигатель П23У (пусковой двигатель к тракторам Т-130, Т-170) гр. А, Б, В, Г

870 r.

Weight: 0.79 kg.


Поршень КМЗ 17-03-27-Р1-II  1 шт.


Piston KMZ 17-03-27-P1-II to the repair engine P23U (starting engine for tractors T-130 T-170) gr. A, B, V, G.
Three compression ring grooves, one - under the oil ring. The skirt coating is missing. The piston is made of the alloy which has strictly defined chemical composition and high mechanical properties.
2 pcs per package.