Поршень КМЗ 847.1004015 (со вставкой, без рассекателя, покрытие "Molykote" США)

2 100 r.

Weight: 3.15 kg.


Piston KMZ 847.1004015 (with insert without divider, covering "Molykote" USA) 1 pc.


Additional characteristics

Piston to the engine TMZ. The groove at the upper compression ring of hardened Ni-Resist insert. Material: Aluminum alloy AlSi12Cu2MgNi. (AL30) GOST 1583-93. Coverage: Molykote® D10 (USA).


The piston on the MAZ, MZKT; a / m Kurgan factory of wheeled tractors; A / m and chassis Bryansk Automobile Plant; diesel generating sets and power plants; wheel tractors ZAO "PTZ"; river vessels; industrial tractors JSC "Promtractor"; shunting locomotives TGM-23, TU7A with engine TMZ-8424.10-03; -8424.10-033; -8424.10-08; -8431.10; -8435.10; -8463.10; -8481.10-04; -8481.10-08; -8522.10; -85227.10.