Cylinder-piston set

"СПЕЦКОМПЛЕКТ" КМЗ 406.1004018 (к двигателям ЗМЗ 4062 и ЗМЗ 4063).

2 200 r.

Weight: 2.5 kg.


Piston KMZ 406.1004015 (covering "Molykote" USA) 4 pcs.
Piston pin 406.1004020-02 4 pcs.
Piston rings 4062.1000100-01 (zd "Stapri") 4 SKP.
Retaining ring 12-1004022-30 8 pcs.


Additional characteristics
Piston aluminum coated with a special anti-friction Molykote® D10 (USA), the piston pin from stainless steel.
Set piston engine ZMZ (GAS) "SPETSKOMPLEKT" KMZ 406.1004018 comes in original packaging. The piston is completely ready to be installed on engines ZMZ (GAZ).

Piston group is set to L / A and vehicles "Gazelle", "Sobol" with engines ZMZ-4061, ZMZ-4062, ZMZ-4063, ZMZ-4064.