Cylinder-piston set

"Special set" KMZ 406.1004018-АР (without rings)

2 860 r.

Weight: 2.49 kg.


Piston KMZ 406.1004015-AR (covering "Molykote" USA) 4 pcs.
Piston pin 406.1004020-02 4 pcs.
Retaining ring 12-1004022-30 8 pcs.


Additional characteristics
Piston aluminum coated with a special anti-friction Molykote® D10 (USA), the piston pin from stainless steel.
Set of spare parts for the engine ZMZ (GAS) "SPETSKOMPLEKT" KMZ 406.1004018-AR comes in original packaging. Piston group is fully ready for installation for repairs engines ZMZ.

Piston group is set to L / A and vehicles "Gazelle", "Sobol" with engines ZMZ-4061, ZMZ-4062, ZMZ-4063, ZMZ-4064.