Cylinder-piston set

"Дальнобойщик PREMIUM" КМЗ 740.1000128-05 аналог комплекта 740.1000128-09.

3 325 r.

Weight: 1 kg.


Piston KMZ 740.1004015-05-10 (with an insert without divider, "Molykote" covering USA) 10 group 1 pc.
Liner KMZ 740.30-1002021 (“Euro II”,”) – 1 pc.
Piston pin KMZ 740.70-1004020 (“Euro II”- “Euro III”) – 1 pc.
Piston rings black and whiteKMZ 740-1000106  – 3 pc. In 1 pcs.
Retaining ring 740-1004022  2 pc.
Fluoroplastic ring F-4 under KamAZ 740.1003460-01 1 pc.
Industrial rubber articles for the liner КАМАЗ (2 sealing rings 740.1002024 and 1 upper sealing ring 740.1002031) 1 set


Cylinder liner КАМАZ is made of cast iron alloyed with molybdenum, copper and boron, piston pin is made of alloyed steel, aluminum piston with insert and dissector covered with Molykote D10 (USA).

The cylinder-piston group is installed on the engines: Dalnoboischik" KMZ КМЗ 740.1000128-05 D 10 (USA) is delivered in their original packaging. The piston is completely ready to be installed on the engine KamAZ


Piston group is installed on a / m KamAZ, buses LAZ-4202, 4206, 4207, LIAZ-52561, Ural-4320, 4420, 46102, BAZ, TO-515, special vehicles with engines of KamAZ-740.10, KamAZ-740.20, KamAZ, 740.111 KamAZ, 7409.10, 7408.10, KamAZ, KamAZ-7401-5, KamAZ-7402, KAMAZ-750.