Cylinder-piston set

"Дальнобойщик PREMIUM" "Турбо" КМЗ 7403.1000128.

3 295 r.

Weight: -


Liner KMZ 740.30-1002021 – 1 pc.
Piston KMZ 7403.1004015-10 (Turbo) – 1 pc.
Piston pin KMZ 740.1004020 – 1 pc.
Piston rings 740-1000106, black and white – 3 pcs.
Retaining ring 740-1004022 – 2 pcs.
Industrial rubber articles for the liner КАМАЗ (2 sealing rings 740.1002024 and 1 upper sealing ring 740.1002031)


Cylinder liner КАМАЗ is made of wear-resisting cast iron, piston pin is made of alloyed steel, aluminum piston covered with Molykote D10 (USA).

Installed on the engines: КАМАЗ-7403.10 “Turbo” (КАМАЗ-5320, КАМАЗ-53212, КАМАЗ-53213, КАМАЗ-55111, КАМАЗ-5410, КАМАЗ-54112, КАМАЗ-4326, КАМАЗ-43101, КАМАЗ-43114, КАМАЗ-43106, КАМАЗ-43115, КАМАЗ-53228, КАМАЗ-53229, КАМАЗ-43118, КАМАЗ-43253).

The cylinder-piston set to the engine "Dalnoboischik “Turbo" KMZ 7403.1000128 is delivered in the original package. Cylinder-piston group is completely ready to be installed on the engine КАМАЗ.