Piston rings

Кольца поршневые КМЗ 240-1004060-А1, СТ-240-1004060-А (4 шт. в 1 пшк.)

423 r.

Weight: -


Piston rings KMZ 240-1004060-А1 4 pc. in 1 pr.


Additional characteristics

Piston rings for MMZ engines. 4pc. 1 pr.


Piston rings for the engines of tractors UMZ-6, 6AL, 6M, EO-304G, LTZ-60AV, MTZ-50, -80, -80L, T54V "Bulgaria", the T-70C, T-70B, ETC 202A, E-303B , MMZ D-240, D-242 MMZ, MMZ D-243, D-244 MMZ and their modifications.