Cylinder-piston set

Комплект КМЗ 245.1000104.

2 097 r.

Weight: 6.37 kg.


Liner KMZ 245-1002021 –A1  (phosphated)  1 pc.
Piston KMZ 245-1004021 (without insert, without divider, to the pin ∅38, «Molykote"covering USA) 1 pc.
Fluoroplastic ring F-4 to the MMZ 260.1003031 A1 1 pc.
Industrial rubber articles of the sleeve KMZ 240-1002021-A1 (2 sealing ring 50-1002022) 1 set.


Additional characteristics

Sleeve piston MMZ is made of special alloy cast iron, piston pin - alloy steel, aluminum piston with a special anti-friction coating Molykote (USA).
Piston Kit "trucker" KMZ 245.1000104 to the engine MMZ comes in original packaging. Piston group is fully ready to be installed on the MTZ engines.


PistongroupforenginescarsZIL "Bull" (ZIL-301, ZIL -3906, -4327 ZILZIL -4329), tractorsMTZ, MAZ-4370, TDT-55A. Piston group installed on MMZ D-245 engines and its modifications