Cylinder-piston set

"Дальнобойщик PREMIUM" КМЗ 245.1000108-С.

2 772 r.

Weight: 6.93 kg.


LinerKMZ 245-1002021 A1  1pc.
Piston KMZ 245-1004021 (with insert, without divider, to the pin ∅38, «Molykote «covering USA) 1 pc.
Piston pin KMZ 50-1004042-A1 1 pc.
Piston rings KMZ 245-1004060-A CT-245-1004060 4 pcs. 1 ps.
Retaining ring 240-1004022  2 pcs.
Fluoroplastic ring F-4 under the MMZ 260.1003031 A1 1 pc.
Industrial rubber articles of the sleeve KMZ 245-1002021-A1 (2 sealing ring 50-1002022) 1 set.


Additional characteristics

Piston liner of the  MMZ is made of special alloy cast iron, piston pin – is made of alloy steel, aluminum piston with a special anti-friction Molykote coating (USA).

Piston set "Trucker" KMZ 245.1000108-C to the MMZ engine comes in original packaging. Piston group is fully ready to  installed on MTZ engines.


Piston group for engines for ZIL "Bychok" cars (ZIL-301, ZIL-3906 and ZIL-4327 and ZIL-4329), MTZ tractors, MAZ-4370, TDT-55A with MMZ D-245 engines and its modifications.