Cylinder-piston set

"Дальнобойщик PREMIUM" КМЗ 236-1004006.

3 489 r.

Weight: 11.92 kg.


Cylinder liner KMZ 236-1002021-А5, phosphated - 1 pc
Piston KMZ 236-1004015-D (Molydag) - 1 pc
Piston pin KMZ 236-1004020 - 1 pc
Piston rings СТ-236-1004002-А4,-A3 - 4 pc
Retaining ring - 2 pc
Sealing ring - 2 pc
Anti-cavitation ring - 1 pc


Phosphated liner YaMZ is made of the alloyed cast iron, piston pin made of the alloyed steel, the aluminum piston, special anti-frictional lubricant Molydag.

The cylinder-piston group YaMZ is installed on the engines: YaMZ-236M2, YaMZ-236G, YaMZ -236А, YaMZ -236ЕК, YaMZ -236DК, YaMZ -236D, YaMZ -38М2, YaMZ -238 АМ2, YaMZ-238BМ, YaMZ -238GМ2, YaMZ -238IМ2, YaMZ -238КМ2, YaMZ -238АК, YaMZ -240 BМ2-1 (with the joint head) and their modifications.

The cylinder-piston set YaMZ "Dalnoboischik" KMZ 236-1004006 comes in the original package. It is completely ready to be installed on the the YaMZ engines.