Sale of awnings and canopies!

Kama Motor Factory holds special promotional awnings and canopies.

30.04.2015 10:16

Entering a new brand

Kama Motor Factory notify its partners about entering the new brand imagein Ukraine from 02/04/2015

02.04.2015 10:15

Differences between the original of the Kama Motor Factory production against counterfeiting

In January 2015 in Ukraine appeared a large number of counterfeit products under the "KMZ" trademark.

31.03.2015 10:14

Attention! KMZ trademark change.

In violation of the Russian Federation law in the field of protection of intellectual property rights and international law, the trademark Kama motor factory was assigned by organization in Hong Kong (China) and registered in Ukraine.

26.03.2015 10:13

The Best Taxpayer of the Year

The Organizing Committee of the Fund for promoting entrepreneurship decided on the nomination of our organization as a winner of the Seventh Annual International Award "The Best Taxpayer of the Year".

04.02.2015 10:11

ATTENTION! The price increase from 15/02/15in 10%

On February 15 Kama Motor Factory plans to raise product prices in 10%

03.02.2015 10:10

Kama Motor Factory - а/м Камского автомобильного завода supplier

Kama Motor Factory began supplying to а/м Камского автомобильного завода on casting for the production of piston 740.60-1004015-40. Piston 740.60-1004015-40 set to the "Euro-4" engines а/м Камского автомобильного завода and characterized by high demands to blanks pistons quality.

27.04.2008 10:09

Manufacture of liners for а/м Камского автомобильного завода, GAZ, ZMZ, YaMZ engines and tractors HAAS (USA)

Kama Motor Factory retool machinery equipment in the workshop of the liner production. For turning machines installed HAAS, USA production.

24.04.2008 10:08

Kama Motor Factory supplies the piston castings a/m а/м Камского автомобильного завода to а/м Камского автомобильного завода.

Pistons for engines 740.30-1004015-40 a / m а/м Камского автомобильного завода, which produces а/м Камского автомобильного завода castings made of Kama motor factory.

20.04.2008 10:07

The piston of the start-up engine D-180 of the T 130 and T 170 tractors supplied to the CTZ conveyor.

Kama Motor Factory began producing KMZ piston 17-03-27, which installed on P23U - the starter motor to start the engine D-180 of the T130 and T170 tractors.

Starting engine pistons Kama motor factory production supplied to the conveyor of the Chelyabinsk Tractor Factory "Uraltrac."

Deliveries become possible after the evaluation of the pistons quality by the Chelyabinsk Tractor Factory, producedby Kama Motor Factory.

16.04.2008 10:06